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As per vasthu principle, House is the living organizms. While a person to start a living a house, he adapted in a specific energy field. So if the house is constructed as per vasthu, the person get positive energy & live peace and bliss.In our Indian Vasthu Science has several remedies to ensuring a house remains blessed, without changes anything in structural designing. We have given here few points only. Performing Navagrah Shanti pooja & Ganapati Homam at least three year once which helps remove vasthu dosha.
Keep bowls of salt in corners of your house. Salt will absorb negative energies..
Remove this kind of poster if you have it in your house - crying of woman, angry person, war scenes, owl or eagle are considered inauspicous.
Don't pul Tinkling of bells because which will break positive enery, so use Dink dong bell.
Place Swastik and Ohm symbols at door of house
Put a lemon with a glass of water and chance in weekly once, can give up negative energy.
As vastu principle, keep your nameboard at outside of your door because the opportunity will come easily.